Our melting pots

With 33 years of experience of manufacturing refractory pots, we offer to crystal and glass blowers the best melting quality.

Since each product is hand made and custom-made, we are able to meet all requirements to adapt to the specificities or use conditions.

It is thanks to this know-how that our products are today as much used in the art glassware industry (perfume bottles, tableware, …) as in aeronautical equipment.

The drying

The drying is an essential step to the quality of melting pot, that is why, we keep each product in our workshop at the latest 3 months.

Room temperature and humidity are controlled and regulated daily to allow for slow, gradual drying.

Our different melting pots

English open pot

Melting pots after several months of use, pictures provided by CIRVA
(International Centre for Research on Glass and Plastic Arts)

American close pot

Laboratory pots

American open pots

French open pot

American, French and New-Zeland melting pots

French melting pot

American close pots