Artisan creator of ceramic, leather and wood products.

Working with a unique clay

Potters for 30 years, we only work clay by hand thanks to a unique know-how. It allows us to manufacture and decorate pottery of all shapes and sizes.

We use refractory clay that has a stone colour when fired at 1200°C. It also has a very high resistance to weather, frost and weather.

Its thermal resistance is also very important since the particularity of this clay is to accumulate and restore heat.

We propose you a range of outdoor and culinary pottery, using this specificity. This way, our casseroles continue to cook and keep your food warm even when you’re on the table.

Enjoy the taste of old-fashioned baking with our bread oven and barbecue made from unique clay. No additional dressing is required.

Install, turn on, and taste !

The clay, in all forms

We also use white clay to create and shape unique pieces, decorations, jewellery, lanterns… All taken out of our imagination, each piece is unique, handmade and enamelled by hand.

The creativity

Passionate craftsmen, we like to create and associate the different materials. Wood and leather allow us to develop another facet of our creativity.

We only use natural materials of the highest quality.


Discover our creative universe through our artisanal products

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